Format of the Weekend

The Via de Cristo Weekend is an experience in Christian sharing and living. During the 72 hours, fourteen talks will be presented: Five talks are given by pastors and nine by lay people. The Weekend also includes chapel each morning, communion, small group discussions, sharing, music, singing, laughter, prayer and fantastic meals. Some of the subjects that will be discussed include: 
 Lay People in the Church 
 Actual Grace 
 Christian Study 
 The Grace-Filled Life 
 Apostolic Action 
 Obstacles to a Life in Grace 
 The Christian Community in Action 

Who Attends Via de Cristo? 

Via de Cristo is not designed to convert anyone to Christianity. It is meant for those who are already faithful and committed to Christ and His church. The goal of Via de Cristo is to encourage Christians in their lives of faith and increase their awareness of grace and service to the Church and world. During a Via de Cristo Weekend, those who have previously attended are called "the team", and it is their responsibility to serve you in every possible way.

How Can I Attend a Via de Cristo Weekend?

If you would like to attend a Via de Cristo Weekend, please contact an individual who has previously attended. We suggest you also speak to your pastor. If you do not know of anyone who has previously attended a Via de Cristo, any member of the South Dakota Via de Cristo Secretariat will be happy to provide you with additional information or answer any questions that you may have.

What Happens after a Via de Cristo Weekend?

The Weekend is only a beginning. What you learn and share during the Weekend will hopefully be taken back and put into practice in your local congregation and community. You will be supported by many others who have attended a Via de Cristo before or with you. Small groups meet regularly (usually weekly) to affirm one another and to share the Christian life of Grace. These activities inspire, challenge, and encourage Christian action in homes, churches, and communities. Please, understand, it is not our intent to creat Via de Cristo churches.

In Summary,

Not everyone who attends a Via de Cristo Weekend will receive the same benefit; but all who attend will be blessed, and most will be strengthened in their desire to be a blessing in their churches and Christian communities.

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